Losing admin access to a Facebook Page you manage can be a challenging experience. Understanding your options and the necessary steps to reclaim your role is crucial. This blog post guides you through the process of checking your Page role, contacting current or former Page managers, and, if needed, submitting a Page admin dispute.

Understanding Page Roles and Access

  • Roles with Control: Only Admins of a classic Page or people with full control of a new Page can add or remove individuals.
  • Check Your Role: If you’ve lost access, verify your role to see if someone has changed your permissions. Check if a business manager has ownership of your page. This is the most common thing I see when working with small businesses.

Contacting Page Managers

  • Reach Out: If your role is altered, contact a Page admin or someone with full control to request reinstatement.
  • Who to Contact: Approach current and former employees, contractors, or others involved in the Page.

In Case of Hacking

  • If you suspect your Page has been hacked, immediately seek Facebook’s guidance on securing your Page.

Submitting a Page Admin Dispute

If regaining access through contacts fails, consider a Page admin dispute. Eligibility criteria include:

  • The current admin or person with access is a former employee or contractor.
  • The admin is deceased, and you can provide a death certificate.
  • The only admin accidentally removed themselves.
  • The Page is a location Page with a parent Page admin.
  • Involvement in third-party business ownership disputes with a court order.

Required Documents for Dispute

Prepare these documents in PDF format for submission:

  1. Government ID: An ID of the person requesting access, showing name, date of birth, and photo.
  2. Business Document: A document confirming the requester’s business name and address.
  3. Admin Dispute Letter: This should include:
    • Page details (name, link) and the requester’s relationship to the Page.
    • Requester’s full name, personal Facebook profile link, and associated email.
    • Current admin details (if known) and the relationship with them.
    • An explanation of the request.
    • A declaration statement affirming the truth and accuracy of the provided information.
    • A physical signature of the requester (electronic signatures are not accepted).


Losing admin access to your Facebook Page doesn’t have to be the end. By understanding the roles and access, reaching out to the right individuals, and preparing necessary documents, you can effectively navigate the process of regaining your Page control. Remember, prompt action and thorough preparation are key in these situations. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and keep your Page’s management within the right hands.