Meta Business Manager has become an indispensable tool for advertisers, providing a platform to integrate marketing efforts across businesses and external partners. It’s designed for businesses of all sizes to manage their Facebook and Instagram assets effectively. This guide dives into what Meta Business Manager is and how to use it.

What is Meta Business Manager?

Meta Business Manager is a free platform allowing you to:

  • Run and Track Ads: Manage your advertising campaigns with precision.
  • Manage Assets: Control your Pages, ad accounts, and more.
  • Collaborate: Add agencies or marketing partners to help manage your business.
  • Separate Personal and Work: Keep your personal Facebook profile distinct from your business activities.

Who Can Use It?

  • Versatile for All Businesses: From small enterprises to large corporations, Business Manager helps organize business assets and information efficiently.
  • Maintaining Access: Existing access to your Pages is retained after transferring to Business Manager.

Key Features

  • Marketing Teams: Ideal for businesses with multiple marketing personnel.
  • Asset Management: Manage multiple Facebook or Instagram assets like Pages and ad accounts.
  • Vendor Collaboration: Work with vendors while retaining asset ownership.
  • Access Control: Manage access and permissions effectively.
  • Business Growth and Security: Request access to other assets and share yours while keeping your business secure with new safeguard tools.

Creating a Business Manager Account

  1. Visit: Go to
business manager

Create Account: Click ‘Create account’, enter your business name, your name, and work email address.

Add Details: Fill in your business details and submit.

Note: You need a personal Facebook profile for identity verification. Each user can create up to two Business Manager accounts.

Adding People and Assigning Assets

  • Control Levels: Assign partial or full control based on job requirements.
  • Adding People:

Go to Business settings.

    business account

    2. Under Users, select ‘People’ and click ‘Add people’.


    3. Enter the individual’s email address, select access type, and assign assets.

    add user

    4. Follow the prompts from Facebook on which level of access you give.

    access level

    5. Send the invitation via email. 

    send meta email

    Types of Access

    • Partial Access: Basic or Apps and Integrations.
    • Full Control: Manage everything including settings and asset deletion.
    • Advanced Options: Include Finance access for managing financial details.

    Temporary Access

    • Grant basic access for a specified time period, automatically revoking after the expiry date.

    Business Asset Access

    • Assign either partial access for specific tasks or full control over the asset.

    In Meta Business Manager, various types of assets can be managed effectively.

    These assets include:

    1. Facebook and Instagram Pages: This is one of the primary assets managed within the Business Manager. You can control multiple Pages, share access with team members, and maintain separation from personal Pages.
    2. Ad Accounts: Manage your advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. This includes creating and tracking ads, setting budgets, and analyzing performance data.
    3. Pixel: The Facebook Pixel is a critical tool for tracking user interactions on your website, helping in retargeting and understanding the effectiveness of your ads.
    4. Catalogs: For businesses that sell products or services, catalogs are crucial for managing and organizing inventory, which can be used in ads and shopping experiences on Facebook and Instagram.
    5. Apps: If your business uses or develops apps, you can manage them through Business Manager, including tracking performance and user engagement.
    6. Instagram Accounts: Manage your business’s Instagram accounts, including posts, responses to comments, and direct messages.
    7. Payment Methods: Centralize and manage the payment methods used for advertising and other paid services.
    8. Audiences: Create and manage custom audiences for targeted advertising based on user data and engagement history.
    9. Creative Hub: A space to collaborate on ad creatives and mock-ups before launching campaigns.
    10. Access to Insights and Analytics: You’ll have comprehensive access to insights and analytics from your Facebook and Instagram Pages, ad accounts, and other assets, enabling data-driven decision-making.

    These assets provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their online presence, advertising campaigns, and customer interactions across Meta’s platforms, all from a centralized location.


    Adding Partners to Your Business Account


    1. Admin Privilege: Only admins can add partners.
    2. Partner’s Business ID: Obtain your partner’s business ID.
    3. Adding Partners: Go to Business settings > Partners > Add.


    add partner to business manager

    Frequently Asked Questions About Meta Business Manager

    Is Meta Business Manager free?

    Yes, it’s a free platform for businesses to manage their online presence on Facebook and Instagram.

    Can I use Business Manager for multiple businesses?

    Yes, it’s designed to manage assets across different businesses.

    What happens to my existing Page roles when I switch to Business Manager?

    Existing roles and permissions are retained when you transition to Business Manager.

    How secure is Meta Business Manager?

    It offers robust security features, including two-factor authentication and controlled access levels.

    Can I revert back to the old system after switching to Business Manager?

    Once you transfer your assets to Business Manager, managing them outside the platform becomes limited.