• Purpose: This guide explains how to manage people’s access to a Facebook Page in the new Pages experience.
  • Note: To perform these actions, you must have full control of the Page.

Key Points

  1. Access Types: There are two main types of access – Facebook access (full or partial control) and task access.
  2. Restriction: You can’t give Page access to a grey account. Users with grey accounts need to use their personal account or create a new one for Page access.
  3. Requirement: You need to switch to your Page to manage access.

This area is also where you go in order to see who has access to your page or if another business has claimed ownership of it.

Facebook new page access

Giving Facebook Access

  1. Login: Go to Facebook and click your profile photo in the top right.
  2. Switch Profile: Select ‘See all profiles’ and choose your Page.
  3. Navigate to Page: Click your Page’s profile picture to open it.
  4. Manage Access: Go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Page access’ under ‘Your tools’.
  5. Add New Access: Click ‘Add New’ next to ‘People with Facebook access’.
  6. Select Person: Enter the name or email of the person, then select them.
  7. Set Access Level:
    • Partial control: Scroll down and click ‘Give Access’.
    • Full control: Enable full control option, then click ‘Give Access’.
  8. Confirm: Enter your Facebook password and confirm.

Granting Task Access

  1. Follow Steps 1-4 from above.
  2. Add Task Access: Click ‘Add New’ next to ‘People with task access’.
  3. Choose Person and Tasks: Select the individual and the features they should manage.
  4. Finalize: Click ‘Give Access’, enter your password, and confirm.


page access task

Editing Someone’s Tasks

  1. Access Page Management: Follow steps 1-4 under ‘Giving Facebook Access’.
  2. Edit Access: Click ‘more’ next to the person’s name, then ‘Edit access’.
  3. Adjust Tasks: Change the task settings and click ‘Update access’.
  4. Confirm Changes: Enter your password and confirm.

Removing Someone

  1. Navigate to Page Access: Follow the initial steps to access Page management.
  2. Remove Access: Next to the person’s name, click ‘more’ > ‘Remove from Page’.


Please consider who you are giving full access to for your Facebook page. A user with full access can remove you from your own page, can claim ownership of your business and cause a massive headache when you need to remove them. While it is not impossible to get a Facebook page back when it has been taken over like this, it is time consuming. Protect your brand!