What is Blue Sky?

For those of you who have never heard of Blue Sky here is a serious explanation: Blue Sky is a decentralized social media initiative announced by Jack Dorsey ( You may have heard of him from Twitter) in December 2019. The primary goal of the project is to create an open and decentralized standard for social media, promoting more user control, interoperability, and innovation in the social media space.

The project aims to develop a protocol that allows different social media platforms to communicate with each other and enable users to manage their data and privacy more effectively.

But what the hell does that mean to the everyday person who just likes to follow celebrities and post pictures of their dogs?!

So lets break it down a little more.

Take the current big social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Typically, these platforms are controlled by a single company,(Meta controls Facebook and Instagram) and they have their own rules and ways of working.

This means that users have limited control over their data, and the different platforms don’t always work well together.

Instead of having social media controlled by just a few big companies, Blue Sky and others like it wants to create a set of rules that any social media platform can follow. This way, users have more control over their information, and it’s easier for different platforms to work together.

The idea is to make social media more like email, where you can send messages to people using different email providers (like Gmail or Outlook). Blue Sky wants to make it so you can connect with people across different social media platforms in a similar way.

Projects like this aim to give users more control and make it easier for different social media platforms to work together.

Sounds great right?!

How Do I Get a Blue Sky Account?

To set up a Bluesky account, users must first join a waiting list, although the wait time remains uncertain.

Another option is to obtain an invitation code from those who adopted the app early. 2 days after I was invited to the app I was given access to 20 invite codes. So numbers are steadily growing.

What Is It Like?

It looks and feels like Twitter- with fewer people trying to get me to buy NFT’s.

Bluesky users have the ability to share, mute, and block accounts; however, some of my favourite features like .gifs and lists are not available yet.

On the home tab you can change your feed between “Following” and “What’s Hot” which is a great way to discover the voice of the app.

The app’s navigation includes a handy “discover” tab located at the bottom center, which provides additional “Suggested follows” recommendations

bluesky app
So far I have spent most of my time on the app stalking/watching. Enjoying the app’s devs communicate directly with the users about their vision and what they are working on that day. It seems no question is off limits whether it be about who the controlling owner of that app is or when will certain features be available.

The top 4 requested features I have seen, at least, in my timeline are:

  • .gifs
  • DM’s
  • Block button
  • Edit button
For right now I have only gone to block one person and was happy enough to just mute them and move on.

The “vibe” on the app is welcoming and to be honest a breath of fresh air. I am sure as more users join this may start to change but the content moderation section really will come into its own once this happens.

bluesky content moderation
So that is my initial opinion on BlueSky. I think I have explained the concept in a way you can understand it. It is a social media platform where you can build new connections. It may not be right for everyone but only time will tell. If you need a code to access the Beta let me know I might have one to spare or be able to point you to someone else who does.

My Favourite Things About Blue Sky

It feels like early days Twitter

It feels like you are part of the plan

The BlueSky team LISTEN and Answer

It is easy to moderate the content you see